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Get Em' While They're Hot!

Are you a Fraser Fir fan?

There's just something about those soft needles, strong branches and lovely citrus scent that keeps folks coming back every year for more!

We recommend coming earlier in the season this year to pick out your pre-cut Fraser, as we are selling these like hot cakes!

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of these fan-favorite trees every year. This year, we hand tagged a couple hundred from a couple farms in Central New York and brought them in. These trees were cut only a day before their road trip. We have tried many times to grow these on our property... but the pesky neighborhood deer enjoy entire fields of them as midnight snacks!

Having already experienced a national Christmas tree shortage in 2020, we are very thankful that we were able to source such beautiful and local Frasers to provide our customers with - but they won't be here long!

This past weekend was one of our busiest EVER and we are so thankful for everyone who came out to pick out their tree. We hope to see more smiling faces and happy customer this coming weekend.

Only 23 days until Christmas!

From your Friends Down on the Farm.

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