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Welcome to Friendly Acres Farm, where you will always be welcomed with a warm smile!

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Nestled just off the beaten path, Friendly Acres Farm is a local hidden gem for the holiday season! The top choice for locals and travelers alike to find that perfect tree! We pride ourselves on providing the best family experience, without breaking the bank. Along with the wide selection of fresh, pre-cut trees in the yard, the fields are filled with spruce, fir and pine trees to fit every family's needs. You will also find a large array of live, handmade wreaths of all different sizes and shapes in our wreath shack. Look out for the tasty treats that are hidden inside as well, wouldn't want to miss out!

Around here, you will be greeted by the wagging tails of our family dogs, and warm friendly smiles. You'll mostly catch Doug, the "Man in Charge" on weekends, and the rest of our Team throughout the week. Rest assured, all of your holiday needs will be met here at Friendly Acres Farm!


The original Friendly Acres Farm sign on a crisp, frost-bitten morning.

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