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2017 Calving Chronicles Part IV

After dinner the whole family Ian, Max, Jake and I went down for night check....we welcomed a new heifer into the barn(#9).....With no human help...Thank goodness!

All the calves are healthy and eating well. BB (Big bull calf, aka breached calf) is eating well and his weak legs seem to be improving. It's amazing to see how resilient living things can be. We are still keeping an extra close eye on him.

There are a few more old cows and heifers ready to freshen. The bull calves and red/white calves are still in the lead!

Total Calf Count: 4 heifers 5 bulls

8 red & white Only 1 black & white!

Thanks Megan for the updates, stay tuned!

Remember, only 294 days until Christmas.

From your Friends down on the Farm.

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