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October Report

The cooler weather is upon us, for many this means pumpkin patches, apple cider and maybe some more comfortable time spent outdoors!

Here at Friendly Acres, we have been hard at work preparing for the 2021 Christmas Season. Throughout the rest of the pre-season, keep an eye out for more updates and fun articles from us!

Here is what has been going on so far:

  • Pre-cut trees have been locally sourced and hand selected by Doug and Sarah.

  • Arrangements have been made to ensure there is PLENTY of all-natural, grass fed beef available in our freezers, fresh from our farm.

  • Cut-your-own trees have received a final, fresh trim to be perfectly shaped and ready to head home with a lucky family.

  • Doug and Sarah have begun planning festive wreath and basket designs.

  • The entire family has been working on crafts and extras that can be picked up in the wreath shack.

We are so very excited for this Holiday Season and cannot wait to see everyone back again at the farm!

Remember, only 64 days until Christmas!

From your Friends down on the Farm


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