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Big improvements here & there, little improvement everywhere!

Welcome to our brand-spankin' new website! Stay in touch with us and find everything you need about us easily here!

We are a small, family run business who thrives in our tight knit community. Our strongest form of advertisement is by word of mouth! So tell your family and friends!

This past weekend, the family worked hard to get some last minute painting done while the weather was nice while Doug put the final trim on many of the trees. It is definitely go time now as we gear up for the peak of our Holiday open season!

Check out the site and drop us a line to let us know what you think. Think we should add something? We are always open to recommendations and serving our customers the best we can!

Stay tuned in to our Facebook page and check in with our website regularly throughout the year for on-the-farm updates!

Only 48 days until Christmas!

From your Friends down on the farm.

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