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Limited Beef Sales - 2020 Season

At the beginning of 2020, we were all very hopeful that the new year would bring just as much success and growth as 2019.. Then COVID-19 hit and kept most of us locked in our houses to wonder what the future would hold.

As a result of these trying times, a meat shortage swept the country, which encouraged an overwhelming amount of people to reach out to their local farmers in search of fresh, local meat. Local New York farmers scrambled to get their animals finished for meat sales to support this demand through USDA butchers. Almost every butcher is booked until early spring! WOW!

Unfortunately, Friendly Acres was unable to get on to the overflowing lists to get their all-natural, grass fed beef finished in time for the holiday season.

Despite this setback, we are still able to, and encouraging people to purchase bulk meat to stock their freezers! Bulk meat can occur in fractions of a cow - whole, half, quarter and eighths, and is charged per pound by hanging weight! By ordering bulk meat, you can an assortment of cuts from the cow including roasts, steaks and ground beef. To some people, this much meat can be a bit intimidating, but often times families will purchase a whole or half a cow, and distribute amongst each other.

Please consider bulk meat purchases this season and reach out to let us know if you are interested.

We greatly appreciate the outpouring of support and interest in our all-natural grass fed beef, and hope that you all will keep us in mind in the future!

Only 17 days until Opening Weekend

Only 45 days until Christmas!

From your Friends Down on the Farm.


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