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National Artificial Tree Shortages

Hello everyone and Happy Fall! We hope you are all staying happy and healthy.

While many scoff and roll their eyes at the early Christmas planners… it may be more than necessary this year. Why not enjoy the current season, right? There are many things to enjoy this time of year including pumpkin patches, apple picking, baking and enjoying the (finally) cooling weather. However, amongst the numerous challenges presented by COVID-19, and it’s aftermath; business insiders are warning consumers against an unforeseen, and rather un-jolly, consequence of supply chain issues…. a shortage in artificial Christmas Trees.

If you are in the market for a new fake tree this year, plan ahead and prepare to pay up to 25% more for your holiday focal piece, according to

See the full story below. Whether you decide to purchase an artificial tree, or head out to your local tree farm for a fresh-cut tree, don’t be blindsided by this unfortunate reality of the 2021 holiday season.

Remember, only 57 days until Christmas!

From your Friends Down on the Farm


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