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What a Weekend!

Happy Monday!

Hopefully everyone had a happy Thanksgiving filled with food, family and fun! We know we sure did.

As you may know, Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally our opening weekend for the Christmas tree season, and boy, was it one to remember. On Saturday alone, it is estimated that we sold over 30 trees and about 5 wreaths. This is GREAT for us, and we hope to keep up the pace for the next few weekend leading up to the big day!

Some changes or updates that we worked on this weekend:

Lighting up the sign

Passing out candy in the Annual Jeffersonville Holiday parade

Collecting a "little" winterberry to decorate our handmade wreaths with

Dressing up in silly costumes

Finishing decking the wreath shack

Giving Granny lots of love

We hope that everyone survived Black Friday and is fully prepared with their credit card in hand for those Cyber Monday deals!

Remember, only 27 days until Christmas!

From your Friends down on the farm.

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