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Granny Calling Her Babies into the Yard.

Featured here is my Great Grandmother; Doug's Grandmother... Granny. She is quite the celebrity here on the farm, people return year after year simply to visit her. Don't let her age fool you, she is still a teenager at heart. When she is out and about in the yard during the Christmas season, she will most likely offer you cookies and hot chocolate, and you will meet her dog, Newie; who never leaves her side.

The call featured in this video is a very familiar sound here in the barnyard. For the many years that she tended to the cows every day, she would call them to the yard for feed using this method. Her babies only respond to her calls, and you can even here them responding to her call!

Granny is the heart and soul of our operation and our family. Doug thoroughly enjoys cracking jokes with her, and we frequently tell her that she will live forever due to being half-bionic from a couple joint replacements. She is loved by so many members of our Holiday season community both far and wide. So make sure you find her and say hello! She will always have a great story to tell you!

Remember, only 42 days until Christmas!

From your Friends down on the farm.

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