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2017 Calving Chronicles Part III

Wheeewwww what a start to the day!​

Last night at calving night check, I found one of the ladies in labor. Dad checked on her at 4:00am...No calf.

I checked on her at 5:30....No calf. So after dropping the boys off at daycare and school, I came back and put the gloves on.... After palpation we discovered a breached calf. The outcome of having a breached calf being alive is slim especially after the cow was in labor all night or even having a healthy cow after birth. Sometimes you could lose both cow and calf.

I was able to get baling twine around both back legs and get the legs pulled with Ian, Bill and myself pulling. Cousin Adam stopped milking and came down to help pull too, no progress. After an hour of pulling we decided to call Joe Nebzydoski. With his wisdom, extra strength and broom stick handle we were able to pull and twist the calf out. As it hit the ground it shook it's head, it was alive!! An 80lb red and white bull calf! He is eating well, but took the day to stand, his hind ligaments and muscle seem to be strained from pulling. However, he is a lucky duck to be alive! That afternoon we walked outside to the two older cows living outside and one of them had her calf. Another bull calf! It was already standing and trying to nurse!

The bulls calves are outnumbering the heifer calves! Whooo!

Three more cows look ready to freshen tonight....Stay tuned for more to come from the calving chronicles!

Let's see what tomorrow brings!🐮

Total Calf Count:

3 heifers 5 bulls

Thanks Megan for all the updates, keep em' coming!

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Remember, only 297 days until Christmas!

From your friends down on the farm.

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